Top Email Marketing Services

E-mail marketing is the most cost-effective tool in digital marketing.

You can choose any e-mail automation tool to do the job for you. But then again, no tool is good enough if the user don’t have skill to use it. Right?

At IT Mart Solution we have one of the top Email marketing experts in the industry in India to give your marketing strategy an edge over your competitors. Retarget your online visitors with our affordable and effective email marketing services. Remarketing has never been easier in India without IT Mart Solutions email marketing service.

Our email services allow you to


Manage your email lists, contacts, & templates.


Segment users into relevant groups


Track the performance of your email campaigns


most importantly as a professional service provider it’s our job to ensure that your emails are not landing in the spam folder.

Our email marketing team have expertise in using multiple email automation tools that are available in the market. We are delivering satisfactory results for our clients with our effective email marketing services.

We are a proud Indian web solution company, based in Kolkata. We provide email marketing services for businesses of any size, all over India. Talk to our experts today to find the best email marketing plan for your business.