Website Keyword Analysis

Website Keyword Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is the foundation of any SEO campaigns.

Selection of right combination of keywords is important to get sales leads and revenue to your business.

The exact match relevant keywords is becoming prohibitively expensive for website optimization. Our keywords research and analysis expert team at IT Mart Solution is one of the best in fishing out the right keywords/keyphrases for our clients to make their businesses visible in search result pages.

Why Us


Team Experience and Commitment

We have a dedicated team of keyword research and analysis experts to ensure visibility of your business in SERPs. And, the performance of the keywords is a continuous process of monitoring on daily basis at our research lab. We are one of the largest middle-market SEO agencies in India.

Collaboration with our Clients

We closely collaborate with our clients to learn about their businesss goals and understand the challenges they face in achieving it. Understanding the industry, target audience, and the competitors are the important factors that we work on to achieve success for our clients.



Lead Generation

Our clients invest for quality lead generation for their businesses, and that is precisely what we focus on. We research on the industry, target market, and online trends for terms that are either popular or have the potential of bringing success, or the both. Getting the attention from your prospective online customers is what we count for.

How our Keyword Research and Analysis Services works

It’s like selecting right combination of stars from the universe. And that’s precisely what we are doing for our clients. Capturing the potentially relevant keywords/phrases by using various filters, whittling down the enormous volume of keywords to a final set of keywords that will fetch you the new customers and the desired growth for your business.

The factors we consider include:

Target Audience Demographics

It’s our job to locate your target audience by following the search behaviours, trends to select keywords that will attract the attention of your prospects.

Competitive Keyword Research

Small businesses with small budget find it difficult to compete with big players to find favourable ranking with relevant keywords. Our research and analysis team find out the keywords that has low competition and yet high in ranking prospect.


We follow the Google webmaster rules by attaching utmost importance to the relevance while doing research for keywords or keyphrases for out clients.

Search Volume

A phrase generating 30,000 monthly searches is likely to be more promising than a similar phrase with 3000 monthly search volume.

User Location

If you are getting online visitors from somewhere other than your target market, then we consider the purpose of keywords has failed.

Local SEO Keyword Research

We have specialist team that you can rely on for doing keyword research and analysis focusing on local SEO in India.